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Accreditation Documents

S.No Document Name Document No. View Document
01 FDAS Information Brochure FDAS 100 Download
02 Application for Test Laboratory FDAS 101 Download
03 Application for Calibration Laboratory FDAS 102 Download
04 Application for Medical Laboratory FDAS 103 Download
05 Checklist-1(based on ISO/IEC 17025:2017) FDAS 111 Download
06 Checklist-1(based on ISO 15189:2012) FDAS 112 Download
07 Checklist-1 (as per ISO 15189:2022) FDAS 113 Download
08 Supplementary Criteria for Test Laboratories FDAS 121 Download
09 Supplementary Criteria for Calibration Laboratories FDAS 122 Download
10 Supplementary Criteria for Medical Laboratories FDAS 123 Download
11 Terms and Conditions of FDAS to maintain accreditation FDAS 131 Download
12 Terms and conditions for use of FDAS symbol & FDAS symbol combined ILAC MRA mark FDAS 132 Download
13 Advisory to Laboratory on Remote Assessment FDAS 133 Download
14 Rights and Obligations of CABs FDAS 134 Download
15 FDAS Policy on Proficiency Testing FDAS 135 Download
16 FDAS Policy on Metrological Traceability FDAS 136 Download
17 FDAS Policy on shifting of CABs Location FDAS 137 Download
18 Procedure for Handling Complaints FDAS/P/7.12/01 Download
19 Procedure for Handling Appeals FDAS/P/7.13/01 Download
20 A Legally enforceable agreement between FDAS and its accredited laboratories (CABs) FDAS 138 Download
21 Cross Frontier Accreditation Policy FDAS 139 Download
22 Policy on Measurement Uncertainty in Calibration and Testing FDAS 140 Download

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