FDAS has come into being to supplement the efforts of those who are involved in giving accreditations, because India being a large country and large economy (fifth) and having more than three hundred thousand small and big laboratories/CABs, and many more conformit assessment bodies (CABs) need speedy services relating to accreditation to conformity assessment bodies. Founders of FDAS could understand it and hence, to promote the culture of accreditation in a mission mode, have decided to supplement the existing efforts, towards accreditation of the laboratories/CABs.

Achieving accreditation involves learning and understanding of international standards, which would get acceleration when competitive environment, gets generated.

Under WTO era of international trade, the accreditation of laboratories and other CABs which have corresponding international standards, are of paramount importance for succeeding in international trade and be competitive. In addition, the increasing consumer awareness within the domestic market also necessitates the need of competent laboratories/CABs for getting valid results and to know about the quality of the tested item. And hence, accredited testing and calibration labs as per ISO 17025:2017 are capable to achieve this goal.

Likewise, in healthcare sector it needs multiphase attention, to improve the working of medical laboratories, which are small, big, in towns, and in remote areas. The problem needs to be looked with open mind and in collaboration involving state and local government agencies. FDAS would initiate a process of dialogue in formulation of or in modification of the existing standard to be compatible to such live situations.

The testing of products, medical items and calibration are directly serving the trade and consumers. The metrological implications in achieving the required precision and accuracy is important. Hence, accreditation of these CABs would strengthen the anatomy and physiology of the testing, calibration and medical processes.

Keeping the above factors in the background, setting up of an accreditation body was envisioned by the Laboratories operating in these fields under “Association of Indian Laboratories (AOIL)” with an object to develop, establish and operate relevant international standards and facilitate the conformity assessment bodies/labs for getting accreditation in the ambit of relevant international standards. In order to keep the autonomy of the operation of these activities, “Federation for Development of Accreditation Systems(FDAS)” has been established as a nongovernment organization under section 9(1) of the Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act 2012 vide registration number HR/018/2019/03652 on 27th March 2019 with its own legal identity.

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